Certified Food Packaging Products

With immense pleasure we introduce manufacturing of Branded Paper Cups Under “Print My Cup” brand in UAE. After establishing our self as a commercial Printer in UAE for the last 15 years we have started manufacturing and supply of certified food packaging products.


to offer our services in Gulf Region for providing Printed Cups, Pre Printed Cups and other accessories as per requirements.

Our Commitment

Since we have started our manufacturing unit in Dubai, we have been the partner to the large local franchisers, banking, insurance and food industries. Receiving praise from wholesaler and corporate for our use of advanced technology, excellent quality, prompt delivery, competitive price and perfect after sale service.


• Eco friendly and disposable paper cups
• 100% food grade PE coated paper • Hygienic
• Cup rigidity to observe liquid for longer time
• Greater dimensional stability

Our Capacity

At present, we specialize in producing Advertising Cups, Coffee Cups, Ice Cream Cups, Yogurt Cups, Coca-Cola Cups, Popcorn Cups, Paper Bowls, Paper Plates, Spoons, Plastic Straws etc. We can manufacture these all in small to large quantities at our Print My Cup Dubai Press. Our present production capacity for Paper Cups is more than 1.5 million cups annually. We supply both single and double PE coated paper cups with offset and flexo printing method, the capacity of which can range from 2oz to 170oz, paper weight can range from 135gsm to 360gsm . These cups are all made of environmental friendly, harmless, no toxic, healthy food grade paper, which also passes strict quality control and inspection.

“No more long wait”
Delivery within 15 Days!

“No more qty barrier”
Print as low as 5000 pcs!

“No more shipping charges”
Free delivery within UAE!

Our Products

Our core products are all kind of Paper Cups, Ice Cream Cups, Coupon Cups, Paper Bags, Shopping Bags, Food Wrappers, Boxes, Paper Plates, Coasters and many more products for the food industry manufactured under the strict supervision and guidance from our international paper cup manufacturers.

Cups for Branding
Paper Cups
Foam Cups
Pre Print Cups