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If you love to start a small industry, Paper Cup manufacturing is in great demand. It is not necessary to have your own Printing Press. What you require is Cup Forming machines as per the size you wants your cups to be.

We deliver high class Quality Cups from the Machines imported from various countries, and have ample experience in maintaining the machines. Our In house engineers extend their services 24 hours.

Equipments Required:

For complete production line from raw material like PE coated paper to finish Paper Cup, you require 3 kind of machines. Printing Machine, Die cutting Machine & Paper Cup forming machine to produce complete Paper Cups as per your mold size.

Invest small to reduce your first investment

To begin with this business you may only buy the Paper Cup forming machine and let your local printer Print and Die cut your paper cup sleeves as required. You only make the final cups in your Cup Forming machine. Your cups are ready for deliver to your clients. When you feel business is growing and you can afford to buy your own printing & Die cutting machine, you may further invest on.

Printex Printing Press also offers you Printing & Die cutting facilities with reasonable price for all your orders

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