• Where cups made?

Answer: We have our own cup making factory in Deira behind Al Kabayal discount center and FGB Bank. We manufacture from 3,000 to 50,000 cup in house in Dubai factory. Sametime in case we have more order, we pass onto our trusted

• What different sized cups are you able to source?

Answer: We are able to provide you with a variety of custom cup sizes 4oz,5oz,8oz,12oz.,16oz and 24oz., presented other sizes we can outsource from our associates.

• Is your PE coating carry any food department certificate?

Answer: Yes all of our PE coated boards are Food Grade and necessary certification can be provided.

• How do you check cups for leakage?

Answer: We have various methods to check them such as Air Pressure, tearing resistance, sealing strength, knurling strength also every mold production by filling them with a hot and cold water for more than 24 hours. Over and above to this we have a separate team for Q.C who are great experience checking cups for any possible leakage.

• Do you supply cup with the Lid?

Answer: Yes we can supply all sizes of Plastic and Hips Plastic material Cups.

• Are there different lids that I can choose from?

Answer: Yes there are. You can choose from our standard lid and our sipper lid both of which come in either black or white colour.

• Do I need to order all the cups lids at once?

Answer: No you don’t. Lids can be ordered in units of 1000 and ordered on an as needs basis separate from your custom cups.

• Do you supply four color offset printed cups?

Answer: Yes we do four color offset printing which generic print design as well customized as per buyers design. All our inks are imported from Europe Sweden and they are Food grade quality and we can assure “No smell”.

• Where are the cups made?

Answer: Custom cup order of less than 20000 are produced here in Dubai UAE where large quantity we are sourced from our trusted overseas suppliers.

• Can I get you to help me with the design of my cups?

Answer: Yes we can help you with our in house creative designer team to create your design. However we reserve the right to charge you extra charges for the time designer spent

• Do you make consumer pack of these cups?

Answer: Yes we can supply the consumer pack which is normally popular in 50 x 100 pcs in printed or PP bags.

• What GSM paper you use in different cups?

Answer: The industry standard are as below
190 gsm is used for 100 & 170 ml
225gsm is used for 200 ml
245gsm to 280 gsm is used for 250ml to 300 ml
300gsm to 330gsm for 350 to 450 ml

• Do you offer handle with the cups?

Answer: Yes we do. We have large capacity of handle fixing.

• What is you Delivery time after the order?

Answer: Normal delivery period is 15 days for small qty, but it varies time to time and order to order. Hence we would like to deal case to case.