Foam (Styrofoam) Cups:

If you’re working on a tight budget, our variety of foam cups can be for you. Or, save money with our doublewalled cups, which are thicker so there is no need to purchase a cup sleeve. Our green line of biodegradable plastic and paper cups are also great for the environmentally – conscious consumer.

Customers immediately recognized the benefits of foam cups over the popular paper hot cups. These benefits include superior insulation strength and durability, all provided at a lower cost

Personalized Foam cups are party perfect for wedding birthday of night party. We can print your logo or design your cups as per your requirements on minimum extra charges. Ask for different sizes availability

Fact about Foam (Styrofoam) Cups

• Foam (Styrofoam cups do not “clog” landfills. Polystyrene foam cups constitute less than 1% by both weight and volume, of landfill waste
• An average-weight foam cup required 32% less energy to produce than a comparable paper hot drink cup with cardboard sleeve
• Plastic-coated paper cups are difficult to recycle due to their multi-layer composition
• An average weight paper hot cup generates about 181% more solid waste by weight than a comparable foam cup.
• An average weight paper hot cup with a cardboard sleeve required about 47% more energy to produce than a comparable foam cup