Hot Favorite cup:

Double Walled (Both Side PE Coated)
Sizes: 8, 12, 16 OZ Double wall cups are used for Hot drinks, they have extra layer of background to give a high insulation against hot liquids.

Minimum Qty: 2000 cups. Full color printing

Cold Favorite cup:

Single walled (Single Side PE Coated)
Sizes: 8, 12, 16 OZ
Single wall paper cups have PE coating only on one side of the cup. Perfect for serving Cold & Hot Beverages which do not contain ice.

Minimum Qty: 2000 cups. Full color printing

Ice Cream Paper Cup

We also supply PE coated Paper cups for Ice cream and frozen desserts with lids and without lids in different sizes.

Full color printing.

Ice Cream Cone Sleeves

Apart from cups we also supply Ice cream printed cones. Our range of cones includes sugar rolled ice cream cones, biscuit cones, and wafer cones sleeves with or without lids with printing.

Ask for size availability

Vending machine cups:

These cups are used in vending machines for hot drinks with printing or white color

Size: 9 oz

Ice Cold Favorite cup

Single walled (Single Side PE Coated) Single wall paper cups are perfect for cold beverages. A thin non harmful polyethylene coat is placed on the inner and outer layer of the cups giving it waterproof resistance against the ice and condensed water of the cold beverages
Sizes: 8, 12, 16 OZ
Minimum Qty: 2000 cups. Full color printing

Sampling Cups:

Sampling cups are in high quality and can be in used for promotion of new products in Malls, Stores and in Exhibition.
Available in printed or without printing.

Minimum Qty: 2000 cups. Ask for size availability

Cup Sleeves:

Sleeves are used on single wall hot cups where extra insulation is required. Cup sleeves can be printed for branding and protect the hands also. Corrugated and uncorrugated available.

Ask for minimum qty.

Paper Cup Lids:

We also supply lids in different color available in 80 mm and 90mm sip lids. 90mm dome lids and strawed lids.

Coupon Cups

Other way of advertise and boost your sales via printing and distribution of coupon cups.
Take advantage of this unique and non-traditional way to reach out your target customers directly.
So start advertising your business today on our paper cups media.

Call our one of our Sales team person for friendly support and useful advice.

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